Monday, September 12, 2011

Curse of the Friendship Bread and update 9-12-11

The problem with friendship bread never ends.  It multiplies until every counter in the kitchen is covered by Zip-lock bags full of starter.
Actually, this picture is a couple years old. Pictured below are my sissies Valerie and Caroline with their friendship bread and starters.
You're probably thinking we're sort of "friendless" since we couldn't find anyone to give the starters to.  Not so!  But it has occurred to me that friendship bread could have the opposite effect of making friends...everyone locks their doors when they see you coming. "NO MORE FRIENDSHIP BREAD PLEEEEEEEEEASE!
Last Sat. I made 14 loaves of bread and a couple dozen cupcakes...Friendship banana bread, friendship choc. chip bread, regular friendship bread, and cherry friendship cupcakes. 
Thank goodness for the freezer :-)

If you've never tried making friendship bread while cooking sweet pickles, canning carrots and washing green beans, you haven't lived!  I've always thought if I'm in the kitchen, I might as well make use of my time and use the stove top, oven, counters and the sink all at once ;-)

My special "grinto beans." (Pinto/Green beans)
No one will notice once they're drowned in cream of mushroom soup.

The pumpkin harvest is just around the corner!
 I am enjoying all of my sunflowers immensely!
 And so are the bees!


  1. Ah, I'm still laughing at your "friendship" bread comments. :-) And that picture of Valerie and Caroline is so funny!

    You have definitely taken the word "mulit-tasking" to a whole new level! You truly have it mastered! It is really amazing all that you get done in a day . . not to mention how much you get done all at ONCE!! And all while singing! : -) You are my inspiration!
    I Love you,

  2. Sure love all the photos!!! I really love the pretty blue sky next to the bright yellow flower in the last one! Oh, and of course, I get REALLY excited seeing the photo of the pumpkin! Oh, I can almost taste the pumpkin pie! :-)

    Grinto beans . . .you make me smile :-)
    I love you,