Monday, September 5, 2011


I finally have some good news to share about my bees!  It seems that at least 1 of the hives has an active, productive queen FINALLY. 

The one hive (that used to be my most productive one) split, and moved half their colony underneath the hive, and attached their comb to the underside of their screened bottom board.  They have a great queen down there; the combs are full of brood.  This morning I tried to move them in with the swarm that we captured, since I am sure they wouldn’t make it through the winter in such a vulnerable location.  It seems like the swarm we previously captured and put into a box is still queen-less, and they are obviously very weak in numbers.  
I had no idea they had such a mess of comb being built down there.  
To combine two colonies, you are supposed to put a sheet of newspaper between the boxes, and the bees will eventually chew it away and get to know each other in the process. 
Funny how working towards a common goal will bring bugs…and people together J 

Hopefully they still have time to get ready for winter.  Thankfully the box that I put them in containted frames of already drawn comb, so they’ll be able to focus more on saving honey and raising brood.  

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