Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I finally figured out why all of my green bean pods are flat.  Yes, flat.  They should be round.

I planted pinto beans this year on one side of half of a fence.  The rest of the fence, and all of the plants amongst the corn were supposed to be Kentucky Blue. 

As it turns out, the varieties will cross-pollinate, resulting in a sort of a pinto-green bean.

“Beans mainly self pollinate, but pollinator pressure (mainly from bumblebees but also from honeybees) can result in natural crossing. So, if there are a fair amount of bumblebees and/or honeybees in your area, it’s best to take more care in isolating them.”

That would explain the problem, considering there are 3 hives containing somewhere around 30,000 honey bees each just across the driveway from my garden :-)  Thankfully, pinto bean pods can be eaten as green beans…their texture isn’t quite as nice, and they aren’t as juicy.

Oh well, lesson learned.  No more pinto beans planted anywhere near my green beans

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