Friday, August 26, 2011

Yesterday's Events. 8-25-11

It’s been an exciting couple of days.  Yesterday I went to babysit at the Dakers.  That’s ALWAYS interesting.  I spent 8 ½ hours there cleaning up grey paint all over the kitchen, bathroom, and Emily’s dress, cleaning red cool-aid off the carpet, telling Michelle to stop climbing on me and braiding my hair into knots, asking Emily to stop unloading everything in my purse, and occasionally begging for mercy at the end of a plastic shotgun. J Mrs. Daker didn’t seem surprised when I related to her the more serious events of the day.  Is that what it’s always like for her I wonder?  I suppose that’s just life with toddlers.  I kind of expect a 6 year old to know better than to paint all over the house though.  At least she didn’t chop all of Shelly’s hair off like she’s done numerous times.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re sweet (and most of the time well-behaved) kids…I guess yesterday they didn’t feel like being good. Ha.

Sweet Valerie went to help Mrs. Jerke clean house. She spent the whole time dusting each side of the blinds in her living room.  When Mr. Jerke brought her home, guess what she did?  Started cleaning the carpet in our living room.  Which is a HUGE job, and took her the rest of the day!  She’s amazing.  We were both pretty exhausted at the end of the day.  Both of us are going back to Mrs. Jerke’s today to do some more cleaning.  We’re glad to do it; Mrs. Jerke is so dear to us.  
That’s it for now folks!  

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