Saturday, August 13, 2011


Timmy has been playing baseball with Kyle almost every day...he's getting to be very good at it!

I can take pretty good pictures of food with this camera.  
This is pumpkin bread.  The BEST in the world (in my very humble opinion :-) 

Valerie eating the pumpkin bread :-)  That's what happens when it sits around to cool.

The bees are being as mysterious as ever.  I wish I could speak bee so they could tell me why they do all the swarming and weird things they've been doing lately. 

I was very happy with the swirl on this soap. This is Washington Rain scented.
One lady at the Market once asked me "No offence, but why in the world would anyone in Washington want to buy more Washington rain? :-)
That's a  good question!

Anna and Mable

Cloe, the cute but wild and crazy dog. 

Anna begging for food, as usual.


I love my Joe!!!!

 Moon over Swofford Pond. 

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