Monday, August 8, 2011

Mossyrock Blueberry Festival 2011

This was taken at the Taco and Talent event Friday evening at Mossyrock.

Meemom--our wonderful "granny poop-scooper" :-)

Papa Bob really enjoyed taking Addy the goat around for people to pet.

A Blueberry dog ;-)

Valerie and Petunia

Here's the whole clan!!!

The horses did awesome through the entire parade.  It was their first time being in such loud and crowded environment.

Granny stole the show!

Me in my soap booth.

Kyle was asked to be a part of the "Weapons of Mole Destruction" float. He has been working for the Holborns, helping them blast out the moles from people's yards. 

A couple of cowgirls
Timmy and Joe fishing in the pond

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