Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joe's World

If you know Joe, you really know him.
If he starts talking, look out, because he almost never stops!
Here’s the first edition of “Joe’s World.”  I know I’ll have to do more of these, because he comes up with the silliest, cutest little things all the time. 

In part, this describes our dear little 4 year-old Joe.

In Joe’s World:

Shoes are always worn in the wrong feet
“Churches” mark the weeks (i.e. 1 church = 1 week, 2 churches = 2 weeks)
There is giggly nonstop chatter every day all day.
Things aren’t worse...they’re worser.
Pants are always put on backwards (and shirts too sometimes)
PB&J would be eaten for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
You haven’t seen anything, you’ve sawn it. 
Snake hunting and catching is a daily affair.

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  1. Ahhhh . . . I LOVE Joe's world! It is such a HAPPY place!;-) Thanks for spreading the JOY!
    I love you,