Friday, August 19, 2011

A Couple of Fun Days!

I've had a blast babysitting for some friend the last couple of days.  I took Timmy and Joe up with me, which made for a total of 6 kids between the ages of 16mo. and 8years old.  What fun!  Despite what it might seem, it's actually easier to babysit a whole group of (well-behaved) kids than it is to babysit 1 or 2.  They all play amongst themselves and aren't fighting for my undivided attention as much.

Amy said they're going to Montana...and taking the chicken to the sale barn there ;-)

I'm not sure I ended up with a single picture in which everyone is looking and smiling at the camera. Oh well!

I can't believe how big Kimmy is getting!!!

Here we are terrorizing the chickens

Now we're "fishing" in the water tank

Shelly is always picking up flowers and rocks and berries :-)

Some pretty wildflowers Shelly gave me.

We picked some salmon berries and blackberries on our hikes.

Amy was certain we were on a deer trail.  I was...not so sure.  I didn't see any sort of a "trail."

This is probably one of my favorite pictures!  I love the barn in the background.

Here we are playing Hide-and-go-seek.

And "red-light-green-light"

I probably have 10 or more pictures of the kids all running through the fields.  I just love it!!!

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  1. Ahhhh . . . looks like a great time was had by all! You're an awesome babysitter (and big sister!)to create such fun times and happy memories. (And I smile when I think of the future . . . Lord willing, your own van filled to the brim with lots of happy children! ;-)

    I love the photos and the story of going to Montana to sell the chicken at the sale barn is hysterical! I especially love the ones of Kimmy and the one of Timmy running with his shadow on the barn. Awesome!

    You are capturing such special times and with such love and creativity. I love it!
    And I love you! : -)