Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Meemom and PapaBob are here!  We’ve had some good times with them so far.  Tonight we sat out on their porch for awhile and had a wonderful time.  

Caroline, Victoria and I rode our bikes into Mossyrock today and made our record…13 minutes!  It’s about 5 ½ miles of hilly road, so we made pretty good time.  

The bees did something weird (is that unusual?) today.  I believe they were trying to cool off, but as usual, I am not certain of it.  

Finally finished packaging my 160 sheep soaps.  Hurray!  I was about ready to do the happy dance.  

Gardens Alive garden catalog sent me another free $25 coupon today.  That’s 2 in one year!   Daddy likes mushrooms, so I always get their mushroom kit.  I’ll try to get the letter with the coupon and order sent back to them tomorrow.

 We’ve decided to do a garage sale sometime this summer.  Too much stuff, Daddy says.  I have to agree.  It gets hard to find what you want when you have to dig through piles.  I find myself more and more like Daddy every day with my “have to have my workspace clean” thing.  My soap area drives me nuts sometimes (like now for instance.) the garden must be weeded clean, my bed must be made and headboard shelves cleared.   It’s a good thing to think that way, but also a weakness at times, if you know what I mean.  :-)

 I must have thrown away a good 30 magazines and seed catalogs I “collected” over several years.  I just don’t have room for all my books AND 5 years worth of seed catalogs.  I’m mad at myself for subscribing to “Family Circle” It’s about 90 percent ads and 10 percent magazines.  And only 5 percent of that 10 percent is actually interesting or useful.  But I digress…

That’s the Bowes Family update for now!  I need to get to bed :-) 

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