Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tillamook Pt.2

Camp Bowes :-)

The tent that Kyle, Timmy, Joe and I slept in last night.
Slept?  More like lied awake all night due to explosions right outside our tent, a whining Mable, Joe moving into my bed and crying (poor little guy had bad dreams from watching Iron Man I think!) semi-trucks and kids with their basses turned up.  Must you really to be so loud at 2am???? 

 I miss my flowers :-)  There's something about those wild daisies that just makes me smile!

Looks like we're going on a Safari! 

Spoiled little dog. 

It was rather chilly when we got to the beach this morning.  So us girls sat around a campfire.

3 of my favorite things in life:  Sitting in my garden, watching my bees, and sitting at a camp fire on the beach!

This is what our camp looked like.  Pretty orderly folks aren't we? :-)

I love the way the sun hit that rock.

Here we are trekking out to the tide pools. 
Timmy's excited!

Kyle trying to catch the fishes. :-)

Ok.  Take a close look at Joe's face.  That's the CLASSIC "it pinched me!" face! 

I really want to try eating mussels.  They can't be that different from clams!

I took a picture of Mommy taking a picture of Joe.

There's Joe's smile!

We climbed up on a ledge.  Victoria was laughing at me because it made me so nervous :-)

Ah. I love the job of supervisor.  I can even stand there and hold a shovel to make it look like I'm working LOL
Don't worry, I helped. 
Isn't it funny that we take a vacation to take a break from work, and we end up working our tails off digging a hole at the beach?  We just can't sit can we.
But wait 'till you see what we were making!
It took us about and hour and a half.  It's a little city in the shape of a cross.
That sure was fun!  There's even standing water in the moat!

It really drew a lot of crowds...and generated some interesting questions from people.
I just had to show you what we did to get that good picture of our little city :-)  Caroline has the camera on Daddy's shoulders. 

 Ta da! 

We walked through a tunnle that goes from one beach head to another.  Pretty neat!
Blue sky!

That's it for now folks, we're off to Pizza Hut for dinner.  I will come back and correct my spelling errors and maybe write some more tonight!

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