Friday, July 1, 2011

Tillamook Pt. 1

The Tillamook Cheese factory.  It would be tough working scratching your nose or sneezing into your hand, people are always watching :-)

 We ended up with a basketful. 

The sellers are adoring Benjamin in the picture below.
Funny the first thing the lady there asked us was "Oh are those all your kids?"  Yes. "Oh my...are you...Mormon?" No. "Are you...Catholic?"  No.  We're just Christians who believe children are a blessing.  The more the merrier!

Ok.  This one needs explaining.  You know those little candy dots on strips of paper? 
I LOVE them.  Not so much because they're anything special. (I mean, the paper comes off with the dots and gets stuck in your teeth, and getting the dots off the paper in the first place is hardly worth the effort for what you get.)  Anyway, they just bring back memories for me.  I used to get them at the mall in AZ after we went to have our family pictures taken. 
 You hardly ever see them anymore.  So when Mommy found some, she bought them for us:-)  THANK YOU!

We pretty much fill up the hotel lobby :-)

 I love my little bro's! 

Three beautiful young ladies :-)

We walked to the factory since it's only maybe a quarter mile down the road. 
 Ice cream!  I had blueberry cheesecake and caramel toffee something.  Both were great, but I have to say I'm partial to blueberries.  Cake batter is awesome as well!!!!!  We have a lot of cookie-dough ice cream lovers at our house too. 
We also bought some cheese at the Tillamook factory of course.  They have free samples of all the different cheeses too.
The best in my opinion is sharp cheddar and smoked black pepper.  We bought one that is yet to be tasted...garlic cheddar.  YUM. 

Now I REALLY want to learn to make cheese!  It's soo good.  I just need to DO IT.  Or it will never get done :-) 
More tomorrow!

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