Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, July 10th 2011

Today was a very fun day.  It was our church’s annual picnic at the river; one of my favorite events of the whole year!  I always look so forward to the potlucks and such that the church does, and having one down by the river on a gorgeous sunny day, with all of the people that I love so much, is one of the most enjoyable things on earth!  

Our family shared a little about what God has done in bringing Benjamin into the family.  We were all terribly nervous to stand up there on the trailer (that served as a stage) to relate our little pieces of Benjamin’s story. 

Now we’re just trying to decide if we want to torture ourselves and watch how terrible we did on the video that Mr. Jerke took with our camera. ;-)  I don’t know if I even said anything anyone could understand! 

It was also an exciting day, because a dear friend of ours was baptized in the beautiful, but freezing river.  It was such a blessing to witness one of those very special and important milestones in his life!

Timmy and Joe didn't seem affected by the cold water at all, they caught a whole bunch of crawfish in the river with some other kids.

One of the neat things someone said on stage was “If I was in a wrestling match with the Devil before I was a Christian, I would have been introduced like this: “This is Jeff Nicholson, representing himself, coached by himself, 0 wins, 1000’s of losses.”
“But now, I pray that if I was in a wrestling match with the Devil, it would go something like this: “This is Jeff Nicholson, representing Jesus, coached by SVCC, (our church) undefeated.”  

That was powerful.  What an awesome example of “a new creation.” in Christ.  It’s amazing what God can do, isn’t it?  Because of His great mercy and forgiveness, even the most troubled person can start all over again on a clean slate, regardless of the sum of his past mistakes.  What a mighty God. 

Sorry, no pictures today…I left my video camera charging on the kitchen counter!

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