Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some thoughts in my head

I know for certain God uses the hard times in our lives to help us grow.  If life was simply sunshine and rainbows we’d never have these opportunities to trust in him…to trust that he always has our good in mind.  I know that I have grown THE MOST in those complicated/difficult/troublesome/heart-breaking sorts of situations.  Sometimes I feel like I just can’t handle ONE MORE BURDEN….so I am still asking him, and I fully trust in him to give me the strength, patience and perseverance that only he can give.  I need to give those burdens to him.  I know he wants to take them for me, but I think sometimes I’m hanging on to them for dear life.  Why?  I’m not wiser than God! 
1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
It would seem a no-brainer.  Who wouldn’t want to cast all their cares on God?
 Let me give a little illustration:
 There are two hikers taking a long journey through the mountains.  You’re a weak little shrimp of a guy, carrying a backpack full of food and water clothing and 1st aid supplies, a tent, and a sleeping bag, and a couple packs holding some very special items that you feel you could never part with.  The trail guide you’re hiking with is hugo-enormo, he’s got all kinds of muscle and strength, and he knows the path perfectly.  He asks if he can carry your burdens for you.
So, what do you say? 
“Thanks dude, but, really, I can do it myself.  I got it!  No big deal!  I can handle it!  I couldn’t let someone else take these important things out of MY hands.  I know best how to carry them.”  And you continue to struggle through the hike in misery. 
“I can use all the help I can get!  Here you go.  I trust you with them, even the ones most valuable and dear to my heart.  Thank you so much.”   

Sorry for another one of my corny illustrations; this one just popped in my head.
  Anyway, you get the idea of the story, right?   :-) 


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