Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pictures from Yesterday

We had  a family favorite--blueberry pancakes--for breakfast to kick of Benjamin's birthday :-)

We all had to wear the party hats. (That is, everyone except Daddy who was very disappointed to discover that there were not enough for him to wear one too.) 

Benjamin's tablecloth, plates and hats were Pooh-Bear themed. 
Sorry for the dark pictures, my video camera doesn't take good photos in the dim indoor lighting. 

Joe with Benjamin's balloon :-)

Timmy and Joe helped me make blueberry jam yesterday morning.

They helped me crush up the blueberries, count the cups of sugar, 
and they even helped eat the blueberries :-)

Have you ever seen a cuter little boy?!
That's my Joe!!!!

This blue tongue wasn't from eating blueberries :-)

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