Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pam Cooking Spray

Pam cooking spray is wonderful stuff!  I use it for many things.  Here are a couple really helpful tricks I learned:
1. Spray measuring cups that you are going to use to measure honey or molasses…then the sticky substances won’t stick to the cup! (Therefore, less waste, and less hassle!)
2. Always use it for cooking things on the stovetop when you don’t want food sticking to the pan. (i.e. pancakes, eggs, crepes and meats.)

3. Spray your cheese grater with Pam, and it will be waaaaaaay easier to clean!

4. Use it to dry nail polish.  (Supposedly this works,   I haven’t tried it.)  I dislike painting my nails because it takes forever for them to dry.  I don’t have a lot of  time to sit around and watch paint dry. :-)

Fun fact of the day… Pam was invented in 1957 :-) 

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