Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th in Rockaway Beach

The boys setting of some fireworks at our campsite.

We set out early in the morning for Rockaway Beach.  It is always very crowded there, and it is difficult to find a parking spot even at 8am!
I had to laugh...at least someones gramer is's more worser than mine :-)
Behind the scenes of a photo-shoot for Benjamin.  Everyone is trying really hard to get him to smile. 
By the way, he was the one drawn for the fireworks prize mentioned in my earlier post :-) 
Beautiful flowers!

Slather that Washington skin...it's not used to seeing the sun.
Waiting for the parade

Joe asked Daddy "Can you sit in my lap?"  What he meant was: "can I sit in YOUR lap?"
As you can see from the picture, Daddy never waists an opportunity to tease. :-)
A neat beach truck

Started to feel like we were in Lewis County again!

The Tillamook Rodeo Queen or princess or something of the nobility sort.

Wouldn't it be fun to ride one of these?
Cool looking firetruck

Joe and Timmy gathered enough candy to keep them bouncing off the walls for a good long time ;-)

I LOVE the sound of bagpipes. 

Here we are waiting for the parade to begin. 

Daddy and the quads playing Frisbee football.  I squeaked out of playing in this one since I had a skirt on :-)  A clever excuse, Daddy said.

Spoiled rotten little animal.  She found a pile of towels and made herself right at home!

Kyle and Caroline competed in several of the races on the beach.  This is the wheelbarrow race. 

Getting ready for fireworks!

Here's our little camp out.  We sat there until dark to see the fireworks.They have a wonderful show at Rockaway.  2 or 3 times, you start to think it's the grand finale, but they just keep going! 
It was a very long, but fun day!

Next time I post we will probably be back home.  We'll be leaving the hotel here before too long, and visit Seaside on the way back.  TTFN! 

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  1. great pictures... I was going to say...stop feeding Benjamin whatever you are feeding him as I looked at the very first picture.
    I thought he was bigger than Timmy and Joe. But then realized that was not Benjamin. Looks like a good time was had by all.