Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3rd 2011

The little guys are swimming right now, so I'm here listening to CSN.  Right now it's Mike Kessler live from The River Christan Fellowship.  If you've never listened to him before, you should!

The continental breakfast here is awesome.  I always go to bed looking forward to eating breakfast :-)  They even have potatoes!  I am missing our kitchen and baking things in it though.  And I really miss being able to take a shower!  Speaking of showers, I was glad to see that Mossyrock had some rain in the forecast today.  Hopefully the garden got wet enough to keep it from roasting in the next couple of days.

A quick word of warning:  If you’ve never seen Iron Man, don’t.  There are better things to fry your brain with.  In our opinion, the main character was a complete and utter jerk.   But I digress already!             

As much as I love those little daisies, I actually wish there were not any in the area.  I am pretty sure that they are causing all of the allergies we are suffering.  Joe and Mommy have been hit the hardest I think, but many of us are congested and sneezing all the time.  There’s a big field of daisies right next to us.  

I don’t really know what the plan is for the day…but I think we are going to the beach again.  I’ll probably post some more pictures tonight or tomorrow morning :-) 

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