Saturday, July 16, 2011

Homemade Bubbles

Seems like homemade things are always better :-) 
Here's an easy way to make bubbles for bored kids if you can't go out and buy some.  My little brothers love bubbles...and even some adults do too!

Homemade Bubbles
1/4 cup liquid dishwashing detergent
1/2 cup water
1 Tbsp. sugar

Put the dishwashing detergent in the water. Carefully stir in sugar trying to avoid suds. Take a regular drinking straw and cut into 4 pieces. Then dip into the solution and blow your bubbles. Tie a rope loop up to a foot in diameter on the end of a stick and make a gallon of bubbles. Dip the rope in the bubbles and run with them. This will give you giant bubbles.

It's interesting to me sometimes...the things people come up with to keep children busy.  The inventions like, for instance, silly putty, slime, and any toys with annoying sounds, have obviously been created by people who have NEVER had any kids.  And a lot of the time, kids like playing with the boxes the crazy toys came in more than the actual toys.  Give a 1-yr-old a cardboard box for his birthday, and most likely he'll be perfectly happy!  (And when he gets bored of it, you won't feel bad about throwing it in the trash. :-)  When we moved here to WA, all of us kids preferred playing outside with sticks and bugs in the woods.  There were always adventures to be had down there. 

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