Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here we go again! Sorry Folks :-)

There’s got to be a more interesting topic to discuss than school.  There are millions of exciting subjects out there to choose from….like gardening canning and cooking... but it seems like school is what all of my clients at the farmer’s market like to ask me about.  And that’s fine!  I really love talking to people about anything.  I just find it interesting that “where I am” in school is always the most frequently discussed topic. :-) 

 I get this all the time:
“So…when and where did you graduate?”
 “Oh, actually I haven’t graduated yet, and I am homeschooled”
“When do you graduate then?”
 “In a couple years…when I’m 18.” :-) 
Now why did I say that???  Because the real truth is, I’m never graduating.  I’ve been in school since I was born, and I’m never going to quit learning.

So why did I feel like I had to give her that answer…”when I’m 18?”

 The only reason it irritates me that I would answer her question in such a way, is because I know my answer was false, and I know why I said it.

We live in a culture with considerably extreme peer-pressure.  And it’s not just kids in school that deal with it, it’s everyone.  Every ‘normal’ living human being is expected to graduate after 12th grade, and go to college, so why would I dare say anything different?  Am I afraid they will quiz me on my chemistry or algebra?  Not really.  Then what am I afraid of?  Not fitting in?  No, not really. 

I believe the problem is, folks just have this idea in their heads that, in order to be respected and esteemed, you must be educated.  And to be educated, you MUST go through a certain amount of hours and days and years of formal schooling that someone came up with.  Who came up with those limits/requirements???   I haven’t a clue.  But those individuals who did come up with them must have been exceptionally enlightened, because they set the ridiculously low standard for the majority of American students.  Kids spend quite a bit more time in school than they used to, there are way more Federal funds being used to build bigger buildings and gyms and to enhance the (failing) system in general, college is more expensive than ever…and yet the results are getting worse and worse as the years go on.  Oooohhh.  Progress!  Right?  

What I am trying to say is, if I tell someone that I am 16, have been homeschooled all my life, and don’t plan on graduating or going to college, I am afraid they will look down their noses and think Wow…she must be an ignorant country bumpkin.  Poor little thing.”  I am certain that some of them honestly believe I am throwing my life away. 
  I wonder what they would say if I continued to explain that I plan on homeschooling any children that I could be given???  I would expect something along the lines of “what gives you the idea you would be qualified for that?”  

One comment that I received (after I answered the question “where do you go to school”) was a very disgusted “Oh. So you’re just out milking the sheep and feeding animals and stuff all day.”    I had never seen someone so bothered by homeschooling before, and found her little outburst rather humorous, so I laughed and said, “Yes and no ma’am, I’m WAAAYYY busier than that!” 

And on the other hand, these very same people are always surprised when they find out my age. Hmmmm?  It couldn’t have anything to do with the way I was raised could it?

The problem is, standards have been lowered GREATLY over the years.  What a teen could be expected to do even 20-30 years ago is much different than what it is today.   And even more was expected of them 100’s of years ago.  Teens were adults ‘back then.’   Now…well…they typically behave like 5 year olds with larger bodies and more vocabulary. 

Why am I trying to please man?  That doesn’t matter in the end.  Who cares if they regard me as an ignorant country bumpkin?  :-)   Is it at all possible that it may be better to be innocent and “ignorant” in the ways of the culture, than to be a sophisticated, educated, mislead soul with a PHD in a skill I know I will never use? 

All that to say, next time I am asked when I graduate; I think my reply will be something like… “Never.” :-)   

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  1. Anyone who might consider you uneducated should spend 5 minutes here on your blog! You are educated over and above your peers in so many areas I wouldn't know where to start. It gives me great joy to hear that you plan on never graduating and you see learning as a lifelong process. It truly is! You are incredible girl!

    Love you!!
    Aunt Heather