Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garden Update 7-9-11

Honey bee hard at work! :-) 

Beets are looking good!


Corn with green beans planted with them

Green beans and pinto beans.
Some more green beans :-)

Potatoes and lettuce.  Sadly, somehow my potatoes got blight while we were away on the trip. :-(  Can't anything just be healthy? 
More flowers :-)

Baby sunflower plants are starting to get tall!

That is what a Tomatillo looks like, for those who don't know :-)
They are sort of like green tomatoes...and used for making green mexican salsa. 
I love my heirloom tomato plant. I'm not sure what this one was called, but the flowers are very different. 
Tomatoes are looking really good! 

The new pup on the block. No, don't worry, we didn't get another dog. :-)
This is Marley, the Farmer's Market owner's new pup.  He's a sweet little thing.  He's part Lab, Pit, and Weimaraner supposedly. 


  1. Wow Lydia! I can't believe how much everything has grown! Everything looks great! I love all your pics and your helpful hints. Although it's a shame you can't find anything to do with yourself...hahahaha.

    I love you!!
    Aunt Kelley

  2. Thanks Aunt Kelley! You'll have to come down around harvest time and eat some corn and tomatoes and all sorts of garden goodies :-) On second thought, you could come anytime...sooner than later and visit us!

    Love you and miss you very much! Say "Hi" to Kenna for me!