Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Update 7-15-11

Another week has gone by, and things in the garden are lookin' pretty good!

The tomatillos are loaded with blossoms...

The corn...isn't exactly knee-high (you know, by July), but that's how it usually is here anyway. 

Green beans are starting to climb the fence...

Dill is looking about ready to was supposed to wait until the cuke's were ready!

This is what baby grapes look like :-)
Tomatoes are growing like nuts! 

The beets are doing well...

I think maybe this is an herb they call "Bee Balm"  Pretty isn't it? 

The cilantro I grew from seeds are looking great!  They're off to the side of the beets in this picture.   

Nothing like home-grown strawberries.  Yum. 
I think I've brought in a good 10 cups or so this year, and that doesn't even include all of the handfuls we've eaten!

This is the biggest tomato so far...

Pretend you don't see how badly I need to weed this area :-)
These are cucumbers...they still have  a ways to go!
 Now for the bad news...
Most of my Iceberg lettuce has bolted (gone to seed and grown bitter)
Potatoes still have blight
Honeysuckle still has mildew
Today we went to the blueberry farm...

We also bought some raspberries and blackberries.  It's sort of a "treat" for us girls since the guys went to go see a baseball game.  :-)

We bought our first 20 lbs...I couldn't stop eating them on the way home!  They're soooooo good!


  1. So fun to see pics of your garden!! It's beautiful!! :) And you look like you're getting a GREAT crop...we're learning that for some reason, plants don't like to do much of anything except die in the summer here. I wonder why...we're only experiencing 104 degree weather every day for weeks, and we're in the middle of a terrible drought...rain?? What's that??... :)

    I'll email you back soon! So fun to hear from you! :)

    Kate :)

  2. Ha ha. Oh Kate, you're reminding me to be thankful for all this rain. I have to admit I've been grumbling a little's not supposed to rain so much in the summer!

    I'm sorry to hear that your garden doesn't enjoy the weather down there …I can't imagine why not ;-) 104 degrees is HOT!!!! It's hard for me to even imagine.
    For us it's "Sun? What's that?"

    Once, I heard of a poster at a nursery that said "If anyone sees that big burning ball in the sky, catch it and bring it back over here for us."
    Maybe sometime when you guys visit we can trade some sunshine and rain :-) LOL
    Talk to you later!