Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Few Thoughts On the Dentist ;-)

I sure wish the hygienist wouldn't try to carry on a conversation with me when she's trying to clean my teeth.  It's impossible to talk when my mouth is full of her hands.  It's especially difficult when she asks questions like "So how is school this year?  What are you learning?  What grade are you in?  How do you like being big sister to all those kids?”

 Good grief. 

It’s hard to go into a soap box when they're trying to scratch tarter off my teeth.  And besides, I don't like answering yes, no, fine, great, 10th grade, yep, sure etc., because it ends up making the conversation feel awfully one-sided. 

And even if I do start talking, they have to either stop the job, or ask me to repeat myself a few times.

The question 'where do you live?’ Sounds so simple, but whenever you answer "Mossyrock" they say ohhh where's THAT???  It gets rather old explaining, especially when you know they're just talking for the sake of talking, and they don't really care at all where you live.  I ought to just say "No one knows where Mossyrock is, so you don't have to either."  But that wouldn't be very nice now would it.  :-)

Usually every time we go to the dentist, they tell me I need to floss more.  Problem is; I rarely ever floss… I've not had a single cavity in my lifetime…and I don’t plan on having one anytime soon. 

Recently Daddy's hygienist told him something along the lines of:  "You probably ought to be flossing about 2x more than you currently are." 

Daddy said he was thinking....well...2 x still...0 :-)  Good thing he didn’t say that. 

So, we all have dentist appointments tomorrow in Longview/Kelso area.  It’s not even tomorrow yet, and I’m looking forward to it being done!

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