Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog Kennel Concrete Pt. 1

After months of waiting ( and patiently barely tolerating between 3 and 4 dogs in the house at a time) the dog kennel is nearly finished!

Yesterday two of our friends, Richie and Mr. Jacobson, (who are what I would call expert concreters...there must be a more professional term. :-) came over to show us how it's done. 

Here are the guys waiting for Mr. Nixon's son to arrive with the truck.  

They poured it in through a window in the kennel.

The guys had an audience the entire time.  It sure was an interesting thing to see!   

These guys sure are good at what they do.  It is such a huuuuuge blessing to have friends that will come over and do this hard work for us after they already worked a full day.  Especially Richie with his very minimal sleep the night before! 

Here's Mr. Jacobson smoothing it over.

And here's Richie finding the buried drain pipe. 
The other half is going to be poured this afternoon...Lord willing and the creek don't rise :-)

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