Monday, July 25, 2011

Bowes Farm Update 7-25-11

I wish I had my camera yesterday, because we were blessed with one of the most awesome sunsets ever!  God must love us a lot to give us such beautiful things to see on this earth.

(This isn't the sunset ;-)  Actually, this is from Mossyrock Park a couple evenings ago.
Joe riding his bike at the park 

Another garden update :-) Sorry for the boring pictures, I just want to have these to see next year so I can compare years.
That packet of wildflower seeds was sure worth it!!!!

Here's my bolted lettuce.  Contrary to popular opinion, they're not good for anything...
...including hats.   (Sorry, that's just an inside joke, and it wouldn't be worth explaining I'm afraid.)
The green beans are really starting to climb!

First few pumpkin flowers have bloomed.  I need to try deep-frying these.

I am sooooo happy with these tomato plants.  They're way bigger than any plant I've ever grown.
And these are the ones that went through 2 greenhouse collapses and serious blight!

The onions are getting big

From left to right, beets, cilantro, carrots.

LOTS of tomatillas and tomatilla flowers

I planted lots of sunflowers this year.

I don't know what this is, but it's pretty anyway :-)

More green beans :-)

My Phlox just started to bloom.  I love the color of this one.

Another angle on the garden.

Pretty flowers of some sort...

I think those are forget-me-nots, but I'm not sure.  I forgot ;-)

Bees are busy and active trying to keep their hives cool in this hot weather.  (Yeah burning hot, high 70's low 80's.)

My failure of the year:  Open Pollinated corn. 
I'm not sure why they didn't decide to grow for me. 

Victoria, Caroline and Daddy have been working SO hard on the fencing for our animals.  They took apart one of the fences that the sheep had pretty much destroyed, and put in a new one to make a separate area for our male goat and sheep. 

They drug the shed from out in the middle of the pasture, and set it next to our very first structure ever built here, the playground-turned animal shelter.

I just love these daisies! 
Kyle teases me that I ought to plant fake flowers and save myself the trouble of keeping them alive.
I generally take the opinion that flowers are good-for-nothing.  You can't eat most of them.  But I love for the place to look pretty, and unfortunately, I'm rather addicted now. I can always use the excuse that they're good for the bees. ;-)
I have 3 sheep now.  Elsie, Petunia, and Isaac. 3 sheep are quite a bit more manageable than 7.  And they eat less.   

Each one has a personality all their own.  I love my sheepies!!!

We planted a couple new apple trees in the back yard, thanks to a thoughtful young man who bought us a couple :-)
Thank you Richie!!!!

Yay!!!  I made it to 160 sheep soaps!  Now I just have to label them all.  Fun. 

I think I have a pretty good stock for the Mossyrock Blueberry Festival in a couple weeks.  It sure snuck up on me this year.
That's it for now, folks!

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  1. Ah, it just all makes me smile :-)
    Especially that cute little boy on the bike and all the beauitful flowers and the buzz of the bees and baahhhs of the sheep and the smell of the sweet pea blooms. Thank you for such simple pleasures.
    So happy with you,