Saturday, July 16, 2011


Antioxidants in blackberries can be as much as 3 times that of blueberries. 

 They are believed to fight cancer, especially breast, cervical, colon, oral and esophageal.   Consuming foods high in antioxidants helps prevent cancer, heart disease, thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, lung inflammation, stroke, and possibly Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases.  They also contain Tannin, which has antiseptic and astringent properties and is good for bleeding, and inflamed tissues such as hemorrhoids, helps alleviate diarrhea and other intestinal inflammations.  Tannin might also have some anti-tumor properties. 

I think I've gained a little appriciation for those stickery uncontrolable blackberry bushes :-)  It's good to know there are so many healthy wild plants to eat from in this area. 

If you don't like the seeds, strain the juices out and add that to an ice-cream shake, or thicken it on the stovetop for syrup, add to baked goods, drink it straight, or make it into jam!  (When I was little, it also served as perfect ink for the stick pencil I carved.)
The seeds can be fed to the chickens.  Sometimes even other animals, like goats and sheep will enjoy them. 

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  1. This is awesome information! It sure does make me feel better about all those thorns! : -)

    I know . . .I have another idea for using blackberry juice. You could add it to your potential line of mouthwash! The blueberry scent was invigorating, but I'm sure blackberry scent would also be quite enticing. BTW, as a selling point, the sweet aroma of the mouthwash shouldn't fool anyone . . . there's no doubt this natural mouthwash is hard at work . . .destroying all those bad bacteria . . . on contact!: -)

    I love you more than all the blackberries in the world,