Sunday, July 17, 2011


Because my memory is so bad sometimes, I can't even remember how this phrase tied into the sermon.  But anyhow... a comment that Pastor Dean had this Sunday was: 

"The best fertilizer for your garden is footprints." 

How true!  The more time I spend out in the garden, the more likely I am to catch diseases, pests, and weeds before they take over and destroy all my hard work. 

So, because I feel so bad about not remembering where he was going with this illustration, I thought up my own idea :-)

The more time we spend in God's Word, the more likely we are to examine ourselves and destroy those weeds that have sprouted, kill the bugs and parasites that have crept into our hearts, and prune away those branches that aren't bearing any fruit.  We're more likely to continue diligently cultivating the good things in our lives, as well as learn what other 'plants' are beneficial, or need more work done on them.  If we’re not careful, the negative things can start to choke out the positive ones.  Just like weeds, they’re a lot easier to grow!

So this got me to thinking...I wonder what my heart looks like to God?  Does it look like a well-kept garden?  Or an overgrown Washington swamp?   Sometimes it must look like the gardener went on vacation.  (That's kind of what my physical garden looks like right now. LOL)     

I think there's always going to be plenty to work to do in...well...both of my gardens ;-) 

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