Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a thought!

“You cannot give your child what you do not possess, you can scarcely help giving your child what you do possess.  We impress upon our children less by what we teach them, than by what we are,  Children are mirrors…if you don’t like the reflection, then the fault is probably with yourself.”   J.R. Miller, “Homemaking”

I see this with my own little brothers.  I see Timmy talking like we do “yeah, um, and then I was totally like, no way!”  and then Joe (who is a couple years younger) imitates Timmy.

When the 5 of us older kids were younger, we used to always say to each other “stop copying me!”  But I realize that it’s just natural for the younger to imitate the older.  When they did things that bothered me, it was probably because I did them myself…and taught it to them without knowing :-)   

"Rather I would see my own little ones laid away in the grave tomorrow, and miss all of their love, and go with empty hands and sobbing heart through this life to it's close, than to attempt to train them without the Lord's help and guidance."  ~ J.R. Miller "Homemaking"

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