Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Titus 2:3-5 

Taken from "The Fulfilled Family."

"The phrase "keepers at home" is the Greek word oikourgos.  It comes from oikos, which means "home" and ergon, which means "work."  Oikourgos, then, means simply "to work at home"  Now, I'm going to tell you what I think this really means:  I think women ought to work at home.  Profound huh? 

You say "But I have a wonderful job!"  Well, the Bible says to work at home.  You say, "But we need the money." Well, the Bible says to work at home.  You say "But my kids are in school" (they shouldn't be!) Well, the bible says to work at home. 

The Bible doesn't say P.s.--Under the following circumstances, this is not valid." 
 Don't feel like you have to read all of this, remember, I mostly just have this blog to get all of my thoughts out! ;-)  This is one area that can frustrate me sometimes; as I wonder why so many Christians don't see the issue!

I believe that the all of the problems in our society stem right back to the fact that we have been chipping away the foundation on which our country was founded.  That solid foundation is the original laws and principles of God and the Bible.  One of those principles that God clearly explained was the distinct roles of men and women...and what each of them are to pursue and highly value. 

By getting kids in school, the woman into the work force, and the men either working, or playing games in their basements, we see the utter destruction of the family.  And now this generation is asking, “Why even BOTHER with marriage or a family?”  As a result of this, we are seeing children abandoned by one or both parents out of wedlock.

 Those who are willing to be honest, recognize that we are raising a generation that is illiterate compared to what was coming out of America when she was founded.  But the problem is, because people are terrific at sticking Band-Aids on symptoms, rather than dealing with reality (the reality being that there is a God and you are not him) we are LOSING these children.  These kinds of people don’t want to deal with reality, because that would mean there must be some standards that this God has given His people to follow.   And following those standards will require effort and submission, and the giving up of your selfishness.   

When the family is destroyed, we have many, MANY lives that are left in complete confusionKids are stumbling around trying to find purpose and meaning, and love outside of their God-ordained family realms, and they are self-destructing.  It is HEART BREAKING for me to see this thing going on.  All hope is not lost.  It is our duty to stick together as a family, and reach out to these kids who are crying out for attention and love, and show them that they can find all the fulfillment and acceptance they will ever need when they are grafted into the family of God.

Another thought: Isn’t it best to reach out to young adults and kids by welcoming them INTO the FAMILY of God (that is, that multi-generational group of parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and all of those in-between), rather than send them off to another building with only kids of their age?  

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