Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I subject that is 'danced around'...even in the church!

Taken from "The Fulfilled Family" by John MacArthur
"I recognize that this whole issue of authority and submission in the home is not very popular, but do you know why?  Because we've had our minds literally brainwashed, and are told we are doing an injustice to women by categorizing them in this way.  If you have trouble accepting these principles, (those in the Bible that establish the man as the head and leader, and the woman as the body, the follower) it is because you are part of a society that has been victimized by a godless, Christ-less, non-biblical philosophy of living that has been perpetrated for centuries on human thinking.”  

What we are seeing today in our society is the result of the thinking of the French Revolution, which was a humanistic, egalitarian, approach to life.  They believed in a society were there was absolute equality—a classless, godless kind of humanistic existence.  These ideas have been brewing for years, and it is now coming to full brew.  Our generation is drinking it in!  No classes, no sexes, no distinctions, no authority, no roles, no submission, and no humility.  And the church, instead of rejecting it, falls right in by supporting equal rights for homosexuals, advocating women preachers, and women elders, and functioning on a philosophical godless hermeneutic that forces reinterpretation of the Bible in terms of our present time, instead of accepting the authority of the Word of God.

Nothing can be done well when it is in contradiction with the laws that God has given us to follow.  He set up our roles exactly as He wanted them in Genesis, and  has confirmed them all throughout the Bible.   

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