Thursday, June 30, 2011

Horses, Garden and such!

We've had a few days of sun, so things are really starting to grow well! Here are some recent pictures from the farm. 

Victoria found Buba's special spot :-)
 Pretty purple flowers are just starting to bloom!
 Garden is lookin' good!

 One of my bees hard at work!  Today I found out one of my hives is queen-less.  I'm in a dilemma.  I suppose a new queen will have to be ordered QUICKLY since a bee's  life span is something of 5 weeks.  I may take a frame of brood out of the healthy hive and place it into the queen-less one, so at least there will be a few new bees and a chance of survival.

 I grew bachelor's buttons from seeds :-)
 The first blooms in my wildflower mix
 Nasturtiums~I grew these from seeds too!


  1. Beautiful flowers Lydia!!!!
    You must really have a green tumb.... I mean two of them!!! Love, Meemom

  2. Thank you Meemom! I can't wait for you and Papa Bob to come back up...the I can show you everything in person!
    Much, much love,