Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday June 3rd

IT"S my last Driver's Ed test with Mr. Dunlap in Morton today.  I'm going to practice my parallel park, and my backing out of the catholic church driveway to the fire hidrant, uphill and downhill park.

I'VE been told to look down every street that I pass as I drive by them.  If I don't automatic 2 points off.  It's hard not to forget sometimes! 

I have to get a 90 pecent score, or I'll be doing it again.  :-( 

THIS morning I planted Cucumbers, re-planted some green beans, cut the 2 foot tall grass in the greenhouse, spreyed all of my tomatoes and potatoes with baking soda mix, planted sweet peas and sunflowers, weeded, planted watermellon starts, and organized the greenhouse. 

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