Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11th

Today is a typical Wednesday.  The girls go out for piano and violin lessons at noon, and I take the opportunity to get a lot of things done. J 
Milked Petunia
Washed some dishes
Made 2 batches of soap with some new scents~ honeysuckle-rose and Sun-ripened Raspberry
Washed my soap dishes (which is easy since they're covered in soap!)
Made whole wheat flour tortillas (much better than white store-bought for health and flavor!)
Did some studying (mostly health)
Read a couple chapters in “Improving your Serve” by Charles Swindoll
Listened to a sermon by Paul Washer (Awesome, awesome stuff!)
Washed some more dishes (I have the “kitchen” chore this week!)
Emailed the lady who is buying one of my ewes about 12 million times (she’s one of those types.  But that’s a good thing I suppose!)
Read some more about natural house-cleaning
Washed some more dishes
Made some ham and cheese roll-ups with the tortillas to take on the road to feed the family for dinner. 
Checked on my plants in the greenhouse
Cleaned up the flood I made in the kitchen when I forgot the pot I was filling up with water on the counter.  ( I figure, the family will appreciate the clean floor at least LOL!) 
And washed the last dishes so the sink will be empty when I get home yippe!
In about an hour, Mommy, Daddy and I are going to a CPR/First Aid class at the college in Centralia to have our cards renewed.

I'm exited, I always need a refresher in CPR (especially since they are changing things all the time!) I believe that first aid is going to be a very important skill for me, and really for anyone.
 1st, it takes awhile for medical help to arrive way out here.
2nd,  I think it is very helpful to know what is truly an emergency, and what I can treat myself, as doctor appointment fees go up higher and higher.
3rd, it will probably just get looonger and loooooooonger to get medical assistance as our healthcare deteriorates.  But I’ll not get into my soap box ;-)  Better to be prepared for the worst, than to risk losing a life when it could have been prevented. 

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