Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's almost impossible to grow tomatoes from seed without a greenhouse in this climate.  I tried that last year, and my tomato plants were about a foot tall and produced maybe 8 small tomatoes each. 

 I was kind of avoiding the garden centers at  Wall-mart and Home-Depot because their tomato plants were always bigger and better than mine.  Whenever I'd drive by someones beautiful garden (with bigger, better tomato plants) I would force myself to ignore it. :-) 

But THIS YEAR...I have a greenhouse.  Forgive me if I am bragging, but I am proud of these tomatoes! 
 Guess I better watch my tongue...God could strike every single plant dead with blight. ;-)
or cutworms
or sunburn (Washingtonians are laughing)
or frost
or root rot
or wind

Don't throw away your tall Pepsi bottles either; they make great pots for plants with deep growing roots!  It saves you from filling up a much bigger pot with potting soil, when you only need a slender, deep space for the roots 

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