Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thurs. May 12th

Today some guys came out to power-wash a couple sides of our house.  Tomorrow they will stain in.  They had to cover up our gardens to keep the yucky stain/water off. 

I sheared Elsie today, and cleaned out the barn.  That was a big job; I’m glad it’s done.

Mommy is taking Caroline and Victoria to the Van Donsel’s to watch a horse trainer do some horse training.  It’s about a 45 minute drive, and the training lasts about 4 hours.  They may only stay for 2 hours.  Mommy will most likely get a hair cut, and get some shopping done.

I told her I could cut her hair, since I do my own…she just kinda laughed :-)   I understand why! 

I made some muffins, and now I need to clean up my bed area.  There are books and papers and pens and hair-ties and magazines and clothes all over the place.  (And it only took me 2 days to create, amazing huh?!) 

It’s partly cloudy today!!!!!!  With no rain!!!!

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