Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday May 21st

Another busy couple of days!

Yesterday we had a lovely “Thanksgiving” dinner with our neighbors, Pastor Dean and his wife, and some friends from church the Clements. 

This thanksgiving meal is an annual thing that we do to celebrate our coming to Washington, and to reflect on the blessings the move has brought to our family.  It’s been 7 years now;  hard to believe!

Kyle did a 4 min. slideshow of pictures from when we first moved here, all the way up till now.  Us girls played some music as the slideshow was playing. 

Today us girls played some music for the “Safe Family Ministries” spring luncheon at church, and then had “nursery duty” for the rest of the time.  That was…interesting….

These kids have had a rough life, and they are extremely dysfunctional to say the least.  All 4 of us had a very difficult time keeping 8 of them (ages 4 months to 9 years) under control.  I won’t even explain what went on.  It was scary.  Especially the blood curdling at-the-top-of-her-lungs screaming from an adorable 6 year old whenever she didn’t get her way. 

Sometimes it was so loud and utterly hectic that all I could do was laugh (and try desperately to prevent the children from noticing else they dub their own behavior acceptable and cute.)

It was a good experience I guess.  Even though it wasn’t good....

...if you know what I mean  :-) 

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