Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31st 2011

IT has been a very fun Memorial Day weekend! 

GRAMMIE and Papa came all the way up from Arizona to stay with us for several days.  We’ve played Mexican train once (and only once it will stay;-)  It lasted over 3 hours, and at the end we were all so worn out that anything anyone said was hilariously funny and every single person at the table would laugh so hard they couldn’t breathe. 

YESTERDAY we had a big linner to celebrate, brats, baked beans, corn (it’s back in season!) potato chips and watermelon.  

THEN we had apple pie for dinner!

PAPA composed a song to gently break the terrible news to us…all 4 of the possums we caught are (sniff) dead!  I don’t know what they died of, but Daddy suspects starvation.  He’s calling us “THE BOWES CONSENTRATION FARM.”  Where animals go and never return. 

A bit of trivia:  Our oldest surviving farm animal has been living 4 yrs. :-)

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  1. Papa's song with his background singers was awesome! Sure wish we got that on video! It did make that sorrowful moment a little easier to bear! :-) Our "concentration farm" isn't intentional . . .really! We did our very best to keep them alive and happy critters . . .that is, when we remembered! :-( They sure were cute!

    Love the group picture!
    Love you,