Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24th 2011

TODAY was a very nice day.  I have been doing a lot of laundry (5 loads maybe?)  We also went to the Market to get my canopy set up and ready for Memorial Day weekend. 

SO far we have caught 2 possums in our barn in the last couple of days.  We think there’s a family down underneath the flooring.  This is one of them.  I'm surprised he doesn't have a name yet. 

They’re kind of cute huh?!

I am excited, I have a client from a day spa up in Federal Way, who has placed an order for 80 sheep soaps.  This is her second order; she was very pleased with the first one.  Hurray!  I’ll just have to try and keep up with the demand now….

…but you know, if the economy keeps going the way that it is, maybe I won’t have to worry about that.
….of course, I’m sure Obama will save me.
…I digress! LOL
POOR Valerie is recovering from her oral surgery.  I’ve felt so bad for her having to go through all of this!  She has so many appliances added inside of her mouth now.  The meds. have made her rather drowsy, but all things considered, she has kept up a great attitude about it all!   

Isn’t this a pretty picture?  I took it from the top of our hill, looking down on our house at about 5:30 in the morning.  I love to sit and watch the sunrise from up there after my morning run.

The sunrise is so much prettier in "real life."  The photo doesn't do it justice at all! 

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  1. What an amazing sunrise photo! If it is that beautiful in the photo, I can't even imagine how gorgeous it was in "real life"! What a treat! Thanks for sharing!
    I love you,