Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kyle's Been Busy!

Kyle started building greenhouses to sell, after he and Daddy made a wonderful greenhouse frame for me.
He has sold 1, and is working on this one for a neighbor.  The lady who he sold the first one to has a friend that also wants one from him.  It's turned into a nice little business for him!
 This is the frame without the PVC pipes for the roof.

 This is my greenhouse that he and Daddy built.  It's AWESOME!!!

And last but not least...look at this amazing bench!

The old paint was coming off, and it was very ugly.  Kyle took all of the wood pieces off, sanded them, and re-painted them.  He spray-painted the metal frame as well.  He did such an awesome job on the whole thing, and then put it out by the garden.  One of my favoritest  things to do is to sit there on the bench in the afternoon (when it's not raining) and enjoy the garden. 

Of course, he's also been working hard on lots of other things around the house, but I just didn't get pictures of them today.

WAY TO GO KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My amazing, wonderful, creative, hard-working, entrepreneurial, productive, little (huge!)  brother! 

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  1. Isn't is wonderful having a handy little/big brother around? It is sooo cool that he is learning to do so many awesome things! And I'm sure he's grateful for your gratefulness : -)
    Love you,