Friday, May 13, 2011

Foods :-)

A couple healthy eating tips:

Eat protein for breakfast instead of a sweet bread or anything with a lot of sugar in it.  Sugar will give you a sudden burst of energy, after which you will feel more tired than you did when you woke up.  Things like eggs, cheese, and meats will stick to you longer as well…you won’t feel hungry again until lunch time. (Usually!) 

If you set out carrots or fruits (that are in season) on the counter, you’ll be more likely to snack on those rather than chips, cookies, or chocolate (yes, I’m talking about that big Costco bag of semi-sweet chips that sits OPEN in the freezer 24/7 Mommy…)

Chewing peppermint gum while baking cookies keeps you from eating the dough or finished product.  (At least it works for me most of the time!) 
Pack along lunches instead of eating at fast-food. 
Some great ideas are:
Sandwiches: ham and cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, cream cheese and jam. 
Tortilla roll-ups: Ham and cheese, chicken and cheese, BBQ chicken, BBQ beef
Snacky stuff is good as well, carrots, apples, cheese sticks, fruits

Frozen Bananas are AWESOME!  It’s kind of like ice-cream, but much healthier!!!!  Makes a great dessert.

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  1. Hey now, I think you're pickin' on little ole me! I'm not denying that I've rightly earned the name "Chocolate Loving Mommy", but I'm not the ONLY one that snacks on chocolate chips ;-)
    Love all the the great ideas here!