Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Agape Love?

I'm going through a book right now called "The Power of Hospitality"   It's awesome!

Anyway, today I was reading about how hospitality requires a good amount of "agape love"

What’s Agape Love???

The Greek Agape love, unlike Philia love, or Eros love, is closer to "unconditional love;" the kind of love that Jesus had for us on the cross. 

 The kind of love that you show your brother even when you have seen his sins day after day after day. It's the kind of love that says "I don't care how stubborn, inconsiderate, and disagreeable she is, I'm going to speak with love and kindness anyway." 

I LOVE having people over and sharing a meal; be it my brothers and sisters in Christ, or the neighbors, or relatives.  But being hospitable is not always easy.  Especially when it means spending maybe hours entertaining someone you...just...don'

If you are ACTIVE in hospitality, as all of us should be, that is going to happen from time to time.

So here's a rhetorical question for thought:

Why is it so much easier for most folks to give $500 to the Salvation Army, than to invite the neighbors, or a new family at church, or acquaintances from work over for dinner once a week, or even a few days a month?

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