Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Growng plants and growing kids :-)

“If you want to produce a vigorous, healthy plant, you will not bring it up in a dark room; you will give it all the sunshine it will take.” 

“Human lives will never grow to their best in gloom.  Pour the sunshine about the in youth, let them be happy; encourage all innocent joy; provide pleasant games for them; romp and play with them; be a child again with them.  Your children will then grow up to be sunny-hearted, affectionate, gentle, and joyous themselves, and joy-bearers to the world.”  ~Homemaking J.R. Miller 

Wise parents should provide amusements and productive activities such as chores for children, because it will keep them from seeking pleasure elsewhere, and keep them out of trouble. 

If the home is a dark, serious, cheerless, dull place, why wouldn’t they rather spend time outside of it?  Spending time away from the family and among peers can be dangerous and damaging to children.  Parents who keep their children busy playing, learning and growing at home, among all age groups, are strengthening that relationship with their kids, and protecting them from the constant pressure of outside influences and peers.  I am not saying that your kids should never be allowed off the property without you tagging along.  No, that would be silly ;-)  But I am saying that your children are more likely to remain pure and protected if the majority of their time is spent at home, with the family. 

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  1. Ah, I love this exhortation! I need it! I think "sunshine" is such an important element to a happy home life that can easily be left out when the keepers of the "garden" are busy weeding, watering, ferilizing, and protecting their "plants" from all kinds of harmful things. I'm so glad Daddy, as the master gardener of our home, has always been careful to keep the sunshine streaming in! I am sure enjoying your sunny-heartedness : -) You are a constant source of joy!!!

    I love you!